Saturday, August 25, 2007


Hello To All,

Well today, Saturday, we are at sea and it is a little choppy but it doesn’t seem to be making me sick.

Friday 8,24

Yesterday, Oh my!!!! We arrived in Seattle plenty early, but when you are from Homedale, Id and there is lots and lots of traffic it’s stressful. Oh yes I might mention that Wayne’s GPS quit before we got out of the driveway. That upset Wayne. We found two parking garages, (which one??) Finally got parked, found someone else from the cruise, we should’ve parked somewhere else, so we went back, the valet took our car and our luggage and we took our carryons and headed in. Oh yes, we both had to go to the bathroom real bad. We were a little flustered by now, our carryons, 2 overnight bags weighted down to about 20 lbs a piece, my purse, my portfolio, a camera, a computer, and Wayne’s walking stick. The bathroom is locked. We go thru first check in, real well. We go thru the second and third, get our key cards, very polite, real fast. Now sit and wait. Look there’s a bathroom!! Ahhhhhh.

Now we go thru security to get on the boat, Wayne made it, I beeped and they had to wand me. Now on the boat, the bags are getting heavy, walk, walk, walk, Wayne is sweating his lips are getting blue, and I’m stressed to the max. Waiting for fun.

We waited in the outdoor observation area for our rooms to be ready about an hour but we ate and calmed down a little. Seattle was warm and beautiful.

We got in our room it was small but not bad, by 4:00 we had our entire luggage except for Wayne clothes. The suitcase is lost and they are searching for it. All it contained was all his new clothes and his new suit. He is wearing shorts, and says he is going to start streaking. Tonight was to be our Anniversary supper and formal dress. He is pretty bummed, I can’t believe he’s had such rotten luck.

If we can figure how to get hooked up to internet we’ll send this. Wayne said he didn’t even feel like downloading pix, just sits and looks down his nose.

Hope today is better.

8:45 Saturday 8-25

We had breakfast in the very front of the ship. Glass windows on three sides, great view, although with the weather a little rainy the ship sways enough up there that everyone walks like they are drunk. We all laugh and don’t worry about it.

They are still looking for Wayne’s suitcase. They are giving him a free tux rental, if they can fit him. Keep our fingers crossed.

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