Wednesday, August 22, 2007

False start

I guess blogger is going to work now. This is sure hard on an old man trying to keep up the new stuff. Here is what I tried for several hours to input:

Well, here it is. The last day before we leave. We are ready, sort of. A trip is not a big deal to a lot of folks. My bi--monthly excursion, 30 mile for grub, is a tramatic experiance that requires 2 days of planning. We have a pile of luggage in the middle of the living room, that may require a U-Haul or a small truck rental. Not knowing exactly what to take, we are taking everything. Trying to limit the financial impact, we are tent camping on the way to Seattle. I like tent camping, but I like to go prepared. That requires more "stuff". Heaven help us! Every once in a while I wish we had a bigger car, then, I pull up to a gas pump and wish our cars were even smaller. With gas prices hovering on both sides of $3.00, I am tempted to take the 40+mpg car instead of the 30mpg car. The weather has cooled and we won't need the a/c, but the Aspire is not serviced and could use new tires before a long trip. With the rear seat removed, it will hold as much as a compact pickup truck. Arrrgh, I need to stop those thoughts or I'll find myself headed to town for tires. I'll just have to make everything fit in the car with a trunk and a back seat.
Being a pessimist, I expected one of us to start this trip with a cold or my back out. I am surprised only that it is Charlotte instead of me with the back pains. She needs a vacation. I am just not sure a cruise is the right kind. We may have to sign her up for the spa and massage on the ship. It is expensive, but may be nessessary to salvage her enjoyment of something she has dreamed and schemed for the last 20 years.
I better get out of here and finish the last water set on the lawn. I wouldn't want the weeds to suffer while we are gone.

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