Monday, September 14, 2009

Not going to do that again

The last post to this blog was a bust. It went fairly well on the ships sat internet, but I checked the charges when I finished and it cost me $17. I don't think I'll be doing that again. Juneau has a public library with a free hot spot. I will post this from there :)
We are already seeing dolphins, should be into whale waters in the morning. That always gets some excitement going.
We have been going to the formal dinning room for dinner, it's not as much fun this time. They have us seated at a small table all by our lonesome. The formal dinning was a major social event on the last cruise. It was the place we met folks and got to know people. Charlotte and I already know each other and spend nearly every night at home talking to each other. I am not going to bother dressing for dinner, we can eat just as well in the less formal Lido Buffet. Without the social aspect of a table with new friends, I'll settle for meeting and chatting with folks in the smoking areas, they are regulars and about the only people we see more than once.
Charlotte seems to have recovered from her motion sickness, but is sleeping a lot. That is a terrible waste of cruise time. And me? I have got the cold Charlotte had last week, this is not how I had hoped the cruise would go!


  1. I am sorry to hear your sick. Try some Emergen-C It's a great energy boost when your sick.

  2. Not going to bother dressing for dinner ? Does that mean no pictures of you in your Tux again.


    Dissapointed :)

  3. I guess nothing is the same the second time around. I hope you guys still have a great time. Sorry you have been sick,yuk. Have fun now.