Thursday, August 20, 2009

Counting down the days

Count down to the road trip for the cruise is 3 weeks and a day. It has got me thinking about packing. I should do a bit of planning here.
We took everything but the kitchen sink last time and needed very little of it. We are not going to do that again. It is a fine line of not taking too much and finding you wished you had brought something that would really make the trip more pleasant. I can't talk Charlotte into camping along the way this time, so leaving the camp gear home makes more room in the car. I don't think I can force myself to leave it all, I like to make my own coffee in some of the nicer rest stops. A half hour of making and drinking coffee is a good driving break. I always make better coffee than you can buy when traveling and we are pretty spoiled when it comes to coffee.
Electronic gizmos will be limited to netbook, USB GPS and audio player. They can easily share space in the backpack I am going to use for my carry on. I am not even going to be carrying a book, maybe a couple of ebooks on the computer, but there is too much going on on the ship to need much reading material. I can always use the ship's library in a pinch. I find myself "listening" to a lot of audio books lately, I can read with my eyes closed that way :)
I sure didn't need the amount of clothing I took last time. It didn't help that they lost my luggage for long enough that I duplicated much of it in Juneau before they found my bag. About half of what I started with last time should do it. I can makeup any additional needs along the way with souvenir t-shirts. I know how to pack a carry-on now that I can survive the whole trip if the main bag gets lost again.

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