Tuesday, August 18, 2009

It's a computerized world

When we cruised last time, I took a Windows laptop with us. I was using Linux on my desktop computer, but had kept the laptop on Windows to use Delorme Street Atlas and GPS. My GPS died on that trip and with it my only use for Windows. Street Atlas ran fine on the Linux in Wine, but I was never able to resolve the USB to RS232 adaptor that the old Tripmate GPS needed. I put Linux on the laptop when we got home and have been quite happy with it ever since.
This time around I have a nice small Meso netbook running Ubuntu Netbook Remix, a new LT-40 Earthmate GPS and an open source navigation program called RoadNav. I do love using a computer that has never seen Windows and I have not had to pay the "Windows Tax" that is included in the price of new computers that come with Windows installed. Mr Bill Gates is rich enough, he does not need any of my money. The money is not the only reason to switch to Linux, it is just a nice side benefit.
In the last several years I have become an advocate for all forms of free and open source software. The FLOSS (Free Libra Open Source Software) development model advances the computer development in ways that that closed source model can never match. Ok...no more soapbox, at least for now :) I'll tell you later about the Microsoft work shops, that I see on the on the ship's activity itinerary. Those poor instructors are going to wince every time they see me...ROFLOL

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