Friday, August 21, 2009

Internet plans

The last time we went cruising, I bought some expensive shipboard internet package that turned out to be a real dog. The satellite link just doesn't work very well and was barely adequate for simple email w/o pictures. I don't plan to even mess with it this time. A little research shows many of the ports have public library wifi hotspots and those ports that don't feature this, have cyber cafes with paid access that is cost effective. The cyber cafes are a chain that you can buy a card with time and use it in any of their locations and the locations are adjacent to the cruise piers. It has to be better internet than last time, when I had to fall back to email only and didn't update the blog until we got to my son's place in Eastern Washington. Nobody got any pictures until after the cruise was all over. I hope to be able to blog at the least every other day and upload my pictures to Picasa for those who want to see them.

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