Friday, August 28, 2009

Off to the woods we go

I have to find something better than bread crumbs to mark the trail, we have all heard of Hanzel and Grettle's misadventure, a GPS should do the
Going camping with my sons is an adventure in packing, they tend to take enough for a month's stay, just for a weekend. I travel a bit lighter, We moved to Denver in a Carman Gia in 1967, so I am good at packing. My camp kit fits in a standard storage box, stove and camp tools included. A bed roll, tent and a cooler completes all I need to go camping. The boys take a field kitchen that would service a company, maybe a division. Actually the pioneers left Independance Mo with less than the modern camper needs for a weekend.
The excuse for the trip is woodcutting and there will be 3 cords wood come back from the hills, but I think the trip would happen just for the camping if nobody had a wood stove at home.
I will check back in when we return, if i survive.

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