Monday, September 3, 2007

40th anniversary Saturday

Sunday, August 26

Yesterday we were at sea all day the boat went up and down and sometimes lurched sideways with hard waves but it didn’t bother Wayne or I other than walking like we were drunk. A lot of people were ill and they had plates of little green apples everywhere that people thought would make them feel better.

Wayne’s suitcase is still missing. They’re still looking.

We have found that although we have internet service, it is slow and we can’t seem to get it to send pix we’ll try again.

Last night we had formal night, it was real fun, they fixed Wayne up with complimentary tux shirt and shoes. We looked good and the photographer took lots of pix. We went to the Captains Champaign reception and the to dinner and met 4 nice couples at our table.

Today we go into Juneau; we set our clocks back 1 more hour, (now we are now 2 hours off). First stop is a clothing store for Wayne. We will then ride the trolley around Juneau, see what we can see.

More later.

Just came back from breakfast, there are a lot of whales and Orcas blowing, coming up flipping turning and going down lots of them even some seals. This is cool, this is something I would have been disappointed if I hadn’t seen. Later

The internet on the ship is sooooo slow! We gave up on sending pictures and even aborted the above text for a while. The ship is in port now and a lot of the potential users are off site seeing. Maybe this will go through now. Our adventures in Juneau were a short trolley ride/tour and a city bus ride to the “Valley” where we could replace some of Wayne’s lost clothing. He will no longer have to go naked if we send his shorts and tee shirt to the laundry.

Juneau is a pretty place but downtown is a little tourist trap and major diamond marketer. MPC employee’s can’t buy many diamonds. We had to go 8 miles to the Fred Meyer on the city bus. Saw some colorful and crazy people on the bus. The Fred Meyers was just like Nampa. Going to supper more tomorrow.

Monday :

I am still having a lot of issues getting things to my blog. I have decided to try sending email this morning. There is a little less overhead to send it that way.

Update: Now that I have a new wardrobe, my luggage has shown up. The story is it was stowed with the crew’s baggage. I have more clothes than I know what to do with. We are in Skagway this morning and headed out on the train this afternoon. As long as we are here you can call us on the cell.

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