Tuesday, September 4, 2007

The Party is Over

Friday morning,
Our wake up call was 5:30, we had been up late repacking our suitcases. We chose to carry them off ourselves so tried to get everything we could in less bags. We put our carryons a in our big suitcases, Wayne tied his 2 big ones together and called it a set of joints.
We ate breakfast with a gorgeous view of Seattle at sunrise as we came in. We then stood in line to disembark. I was almost weepy.
They told us to have our passports and our declarations of what we bought for customs. We had everything ready to be x-rayed and to be frisked. They sent us down the gangplank, Wayne's luggage and trailer bouncing along, we were zipped out the door, didn't even check our passport.
You know we could have smuggled explosives, drugs, they didn't even check. I saw drug agents with sniffing dogs but they were sitting on the other end of the dock gazing into space.
We got our car from the parking garage and breezed right out of Seattle. I should say climbed out, have you ever seen the hills in Seattle? I would say they are as steep as San Francisco.
We are now on our way to Aaron and Jeana's in Pullman.
P.S. Before I forget, I have to tell on Wayne, two different times he went out with tags still on his clothes. Once with a button in a bag under the sleeve at dinner, and out on deck with the size tape down the back of his leg. When you see him, call him Minnie Pearl!

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