Monday, September 3, 2007


Tuesday morning:

We are in Tracy Arm Fjord this morning, spectacular! There is lots of floating ice and overhung by towering mountains. In places it is so narrow you expect the ship to wedge. Some of the ice is a pastel blue, beautiful. The ship’s geologist tells us that this is the best weather in the fjord this season.

The satellite Internet is unusable because of the high mountains so close to the ship. We will try to get this out this afternoon after we hit more open water.

Tuesday afternoon,

This vacation thing is something I could get used to. I did the hot tub thing for a while and lounged around in the Solarium. I then ate too much lunch and hit the real sugar dessert bar.
I then went to a show and a Bingo game.

I might mention Wayne is enjoying himself a lot, you know the guy that didn’t want to come.

Tonight dinner was fun, the waiters (about 90) marched around the dining room waving white napkins and singing in 20 different dialects while we all clapped. It was a hoot.

If I can stay awake we’re going to a show with a comedienne. I might mention that Wayne slept in this morning, and took a nap this afternoon.

I’m waiting for word on my new granddaughter. They were supposed to start her today, and we haven’t gotten an e-mail and we’re out of “affordable” cell phone range.

More in the morning-


We bit the bullet and made the call. We have a new 7 lb 11oz granddaughter.

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