Tuesday, September 4, 2007


Wednesday morning,
This morning we docked in Prince Rupert. It is raining hard and foggy. But it's OK this is what we expected and it's not that cold. We will probably go ashore pretty soon. We had a front row seat in the Windjammer Dinning room when we came into port and tied up.
This morning at breakfast we saw 4 deer across in the city park. The views from the dining areas are spectacular. I saw the docks with large crates of crab everywhere, and they were unloading a boat with 100's of Salmon so large it took 2 to lift them from there container.
I will add more later, we are going to check our e-mail and see if I have any more info on my new baby granddaughter. If any of you, (Marilyn, Carol, ect.) have the chance give her a kiss.

Wednesday evening,
We went into Prince Rupert, Canada today. It was really rainy, but cleared up and turned out to be a nice day.
Not much to see if you weren't going on a high priced excursion to see whales or fish or have a native salmon bake.
We looked around a little, I found a pair of native made earrings made of copper that looked like a totem poles, then we got our passports stamped so we could say we left the country.
We then came back to the ship and had a wonderful lunch Wayne took a long nap and I read a book.
Tonight was formal night, so Wayne got to wear his new suit, we got our picture taken again, and this was lobster night at dinner. There is a midnight buffet tonight, but I don't think I'll make it.
Tomorrow is our last full day, I'm sad, but anxious to see little Kayci Joann.

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