Monday, September 3, 2007


Monday 27,

We docked in Skagway early this morning. We went ashore about 10:00 because I wanted to get some souvenirs and see some of the tourist traps I missed in Juneau.

The weather has been real good.

It was about ¾ of a mile from the ship to Skagway, Wayne’s leg gave out and he had to sit down. I hit three or four shops and found some things and decided I was done too. I don’t like standing in line. When we’ve docked there is always 3-4 other ships there with approximately 2000 people per ship. That makes for some long lines.

We waited until 12:30 and went on our train ride over the mountain into the Yukon Territory of Can. The scenery was breathtaking and so was the high skinny trestles over deep deep ravines. We didn’t see any wild life at all, other than thousands of Salmon spawning in a little creek in town. We saw bald eagles yesterday.

We got back early and made it to dinner. Wayne is dressing up a couple of times a day. He says he’s got all those clothes now he’s going to wear them.

The food has been excellent. We were eating at the buffet, but when Wayne got something to wear, we started going to the dining room. They treat you like royalty. We have 4 couples for tablemates that we’ve become friends with. Two are from WA, 1 from W.VA, and the others from Boston, MA. We’ve met people from all over the world, and the USA. You can’t imagine how funny it sounds to have waiters from 10 different countries sing Happy Anniversary to you. Each one with his own dialect, (and tune). Our waiter brings all the extra desserts to our table and plunks them down. He gave me three last night. I passed them on, but they do have real good sugar free desserts. We went to the show last night, it was real good but I think I’ll go to bed tonight, we are supposed to get to the Fjords early and I want a spot in front of the 270o front windows. They say it’s real cold out on deck. Sorry I rambled on. Later.

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