Tuesday, September 4, 2007


Thursday Morning;
There is nothing like a fog horn. It makes you think of old Boggy movies. We entered the inland passage about 7:00am pdt. There is fog off and on, but when it lifts, the sceanery is outstanding. This is the last full day of our cruise. We are torn between having to leave the ship and going home to see our new granddaughter. Our homeward plans are to spend Friday night in Pullman at Aaron and Jeana's. We should be home about mid-afternoon on Saterday.
It is sure going to take some readjustment to get back to the real world. This being pampered and waited on hand and foot is something that we could both become accustomed. Charlotte has informed me that she expects me to dress for dinner, serve it with flair and sing to her in atleast 10 different languages while she reads her menu. I think the most she can expect is BBQed meatloaf and green salad. When we get our Sea Pass bill, she will be lucky if we are not eating dog food for a couple of paychecks...ha,ha
We are sitting in the solarium, this morning, after our hot tub and a dip in the salt water pool. Charlotte is reading her trashy romance paperback and I am just sitting here watching the fishing boats and forests moving past the big glass walls. Life sure is swell! I hope the folks at home will still be talking to us when we get there...ha..ha

Thursday night,
Well, we lazed around this afternoon and watched the sea a lot. They had ice sculpting shows and sexy leg contest for guys and the parade of flags for the crew this afternoon. Wayne should have entered the contest but now that he has clothes he hasn't been wearing his shorts.
This is our last day, we have to be ready to get off at 7:45 in the morning. That is because we chose to carry our own luggage and walk off. Wayne says no second chance to lose our luggage again.
It was bitter sweet at dinner tonight having such a good time, and yet having to tell our new friends goodbye. The waiters and cabin steward were so good and so nice, it was like they were our friends too. We had towel animals on our bed every night when he turned the bed down for the night. Most of the help are from foreign countries and send their money home to their families.
I have spent. a fortune on pictures and when I get them to the room, they still looks like Charlotte doesn't photograph well.
for those of you waiting for pictures, we should get some out tomorrow when we get to Aaron's. We put on our comment sheet what we thought about their internet, especially at 50c a minute.
Sad at leaving, anxious to see baby.

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